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The Best Job Listing Theme. Everything you need.

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Our story

We are not here just to play the field, but to level it.

YNTL is more than just a provider of (awesome) tech talent for the most innovative tech companies in the NL. We like to see ourselves as a gateway, a connector between all the women in tech out there and the coolest tech companies in the Netherlands. But YNTL doesn’t draw the line there. You may see us as your Matchmaker, Mentor and BFF, guiding you in your new adventure to next level your career in the Netherlands!


What we love to do for you

We are here to empower women, to lead by example, not just work for the sake of it, but to make money while making an impact and leaving a better world behind while doing this. This is a movement, and we are here to stay. Are you with us?

Join us

Why you should join us

We've got your back

Besides your awesome new job you’ll instantly have loads of new likeminded friends!

Next level your career

We love helping women from all around the globe in the pursuit to next level their career in Tech!

International support

YNTL supports you throughout the whole process!


Choose your next adventure with us

We invite you to explore through our profiles / jobs. Find something you like, apply right away or join our Community.

How it works

The YNTL journey

Let's go!

First contact

Yay, you found YNTL! And we feel you are just as excited as we! You just stumbled upon your next dream job or you want to join our awesome Community! So, without further ado, apply to your dreamjob right away OR sign up for the YNTL Community! And be ready, this first step may change your life. Let’s GO!

Looks good!

The call with YNTL

We’ve reviewed your application and we see some YNTL - DNA sipping through your resume! A YNTL representative will reach out to you within 3 businessdays to schedule a Skype call and find out if this is a match made in heaven.

Sounds great!

Matching jobs

Yes, it was! So now it’s matchy matchy time. This is YNTL Go Time to take this to the next level into finding the most thrilling job and company for you.

A match!

Company interview

After finding the perfect match for you and our client you’ll have a first Skype interview to get to know each other. All good? Let's continue with the interview process and take a deep dive into your future career at YNTL.

You did it!

Yay! Your new adventure awaits!